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#67803 - It was Friday and the day before me and Elliot were going to babysit and we were at sixth form, and you know how long a day lasts when your stuck in lessons all day which you have no care for, well it was one of them days. The lesson finished without any more fun ? but I was gloating as I only had one more night sleep before I got to spend the weekend with Elliot and the kid he was babysitting, O shit I forgot about that detail, how the hell are we going to do stuff with the kid there? I said goodbye to Elliot and went home not being able to think of anything but the weekend and trying to plan how I am going to get around the whole issue of the kid, and then it came to me, maybe we could get the kid involved That night I slept well :P Hoped you liked it, and sorry for not going straight into the weekend but it didn’t

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