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#324131 - . Uh, Phyllis, Phyllis Hawkins, she replied, still a little taken aback at his stunningly incredibly good looks!!! Would you care for a drink, he asked while nodding towards the bar!?! Sure, that would be nice, she replied, I'll have white wine!!! Seconds later he returned with there drinks, and as if he knew exactly what was on her mind, he led her by the arm to an adjoining room that was much less busy, and a lot quieter!!! They found a couple of chairs at the far end of the room and sat down to enjoy their drinks! I'm a business associate of Fred, he offered, I'm from Cleveland and get into Chicago about twice a month!!! She took a long sip of wine and replied, I didn't really want to come tonight, but now I'm glad that I did!!! He looked her in the eye as he took a drink of his Scotch and water, and just as casually as can be, he let his hand rest on her knee!!! How much does a hand weigh, certainly not more than a pound, but the mere pre

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