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#41426 - I gasped again, overwhelmed by the fantastic sensation as he simultaneously started to massage my ass cheeks and my cock together, using both of his hands to maximum effect! I continued my journey across the ocean in his eyes as he continued with his hands for the next few minutes, working in a circular motion, as if he was winding my senses tighter like a crank handle. This surely was going to make things easier for us to do things properly as opposed to trying to pay attention to each other whilst desperately trying not to sink. I was stunned at myself that it had taken me this long to notice! I rapidly began to lose focus on the kiss altogether as I began to identify parts of his sexy body which were pressing into me, solely through my sense of touch under the water.

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Keima katsuragi
I need to see the white girls pussy asap
Nice to see him play the dom for a change