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#75216 - But I just was so scared I was shaking in anticipation knowing mom would probably not remember anything tonight and this was weighing heavy on my mind I could do it I thought, I could really play sex with my Mom, dam I just had to get her panties off so I could see more so finally I slid down her panties really slow and careful, she didn’t stir a bit so I kept sliding them down her legs till Her feet were all that was left so I Took them off, Now mom was laying there with nothing on her, and I was shaking and excited, she has such nice tits and her pussy was covered in dark black hair, I reached out and touched her pussy hair it was kind of soft but stiff too, I played with her pussy hair for a few minutes then I got off the bed and stood by her feet and stared up her crotch I could just see some pink in the Blackness of her hairy pussy so I grabbed her feet and spread her legs open carefully and in extreme excitement as I could see her pussy lips really wet and pink and My mind was sp

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