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#61460 - ” “Who is the gunsmith” asked Jason, “and why is he willing to do this now?” “Jeff and Jeremy both tried to get jobs with him at one time or another and while he’s a nice old man he didn’t have anything” “What’s changed” he said. ” He asked if you had been under a lot of stress recently and said that you used to sleep like that only when you were totally relaxed and felt safe” Susan went on “and after Cyn told us what she had done we all agreed that you were probably very relaxed. It is now 0730 and Stephen and Jackie are here, Roger and Mike went to pick up the other four men and bring them back here, and Billy is expecting the contractor who is going to install the vehicle barrier to arrive any minute.

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Amazing thanks for sharing this with us
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Uffff me encanta la pasion que le pone es una preciosidad