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#115137 - He stared hard at my pussy and started wanking faster so I thought I would let him get off and I could get some sleep but to my surprise he suddenly dove in and started licking and sucking my cum loaded pussy until I came then quickly shoved his cock in me cumming before he had done more than a couple of strokes. It looked like the waterfall would be huge in the wet season which was why the area was so clear and wide. Rod woke up and tried to push me away in confusion so I dropped down hard and started to slide back and forward, the movement was rubbing my clit and I got a thrill as I raped that cock, Rod was not trying so hard to push me off now and a few second later I felt him tense up and fire his cum into me.

Read Madura COMIC Papipo Gaiden 1998-03 Softcore COMIC Papipo Gaiden 1998-03

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