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#373963 - . This is my first story, all criticism will be accepted but please be kind……. Johnny was trying to steal my girlfriend!” the first boy mumbled, “so all that was over a girl, you boys should know better than that” I ranted, but then it hit me, my mind again was taking me in a horny direction, my lust for cock was growing like a fire in my pussy, “you know boys, why don’t you learn to share?” I said they both looked at me and each other with a look of total confusion, “ I can teach you guys to share, watch” and with that my jacket was off and my boob tube was pulled down my tits bounced out and my nipples were erect straight away, there jaws just dropped and they were transfixed on my tits “c’mon over boys there is one for each of you”, they lept from their seats and roughly grabbed a tit each and started to suck, lick and bite them, I didn’t care what they did the slightest touch was driving me insane, I pulled my phone out my pocket and text my lover that I couldn’t make the date and

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