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#78706 - . Dr DeSade had also given her lookalike twin a shot of the same stuff but it had been a double dose! And her husband was having trouble getting her to bark and howl like a bitch dog in heat, but as the heavy dose finally started to kick in she suddenly lost her human voice and this at first left her stuttering and then slobbering and then she let out the most convincing howl that had instantly perked up the ears of all of the male dog making them all the more ready and wanting! If this was not enough to entice the dogs to her, the sadistic little men who were the Doctors helpers had taken raw blood red meat, fillet chunks of steak from a big ice chest and were smearing it on, in and all over each of the slutty dog slave bitches juicy and well stimulated cunts! And were then taking some of these chunks of pussy soaked meat and feeding to the meanest looking dogs they could find!!!.

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