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#13173 - “Ohhh god I’m gonna cum too!” Stacy shouted as she felt the vibe in her pussy get turned up to its maximum setting and pushed against her clit by Dawn, the cum on her face and in her mouth driving her over the edge and into a massive orgasm, screaming into Steph’s pussy she thrust hard back and forth onto the vibe. “Lee you have to fuck me now!” Dawn moaned as she worked the vibe in to Stacy and turned it up to a higher setting, the buzz filling all their ears as Stacy thrust her as back to meet the hard plastic, her mouth still licking and sucking Steph’s pussy as April and Marie sucked her breasts and nipples. It didn’t take much longer until April let out one final massive scream before her orgasm burst inside her pussy and the cum flooded out onto Kim’s sweet face.

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