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#243447 - Immediately the space through which I was gazing was filled with a vision of unsurpassed voluptuousness; her magnificent cheeks now drawn even wider apart and between them, poised mere inches above my helpless upturned face, the moist, musky-smelling perfection of Mistress Justine’s unwashed asshole! I was immediately treated to a long, loud, airy fart and I inhaled its thick heady fragrance deeply as it wafted over me. I was amazed and excited not only by the huge amount she produced but also by the varying size and texture of her delicious turds. Although I’d never served as a full-fledged toilet, I had, on a few occasions, been granted the privilege of meticulously licking my beautiful Mistress’ ass clean after she “fed” one of her other slaves, and was now being rewarded for my enthusiasm and thoroughness.

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