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#122612 - She knows I do she said she saw me doing it before we came down for tea while she rubbed her pussy, Bob now was constantly rubbing his cock wow have you rubbed each others pussies he asked, no we both said together. I stood at the sink washing the dishes Claire still at the table behind me when Bob came up next to me and put his hand on my bum and slid a finger between my legs and slipped in side my pussy lips and said to me did you like my cock inside you last night loud enough for his mum to hear, I looked at him and then at Claire who looked back at me and smiled at me. So are you going to take that off and wash it or are you going to try and explain it to your mum.

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Izaya orihara
This is awesome and disturbing all at once cool i guess
If anyone wants to see my dick let me know
Please do it without condoms