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#140661 - ” I was thinking about the same thing, he interjected, I mean, about what?}? happened between us, I mean! She visibly relaxed, and continued to speak, Well, back then you were so young and cute, I know I shouldn’t have let it happened but I was drawn to you like now other man, and well, one thing led to another! “For me it was like a dream come true,” he replied gently, “getting the chance to be with the most beautiful teacher in the whole school was the best thing that ever happened to me!!!” “Thank you, , she said, turning a little red in her cheeks while continuing, “At first I wanted you because you were so cute, but after I saw your big penis I just knew that I had to have it for my very own!!!” Mike remembered well the first time he had dropped his shorts and how she had almost gone wild sucking him to completion right then and there, and now as they walked the halls all those old feelings came rushing back like it had happened only yesterday!!! They stopped momentarily

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Yuna kagurazaka
If you could see any band in concert new or old who would it be i just think a kiss show from the 70s or 80s would be amazing
Yuty la
Anyone play ww2 zombies