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#32855 - i said take off you clothes there's something i've wanted to do to you also since i was a kid i took her to her bedroom i layed her down and started to lick her toes carol wss moaning ohhh that feels good i slowly worked my way up her legs kissing ever so softly one leg to another ohh she was moaning loudly and i made my way to her big big knockers i kissed and licked them all over i then slowly worked my way to her jewel the most sweetest cunt i every had the chance to eat(then) i must have sucked that twat for i would say 15 minutes aunt carol was in 7th heaven i looked at her ans said now it's time to give you what i wanted to give you since i was 13 now i'm not going to say i was the biggest cock in the world but i was a 9 incher i slowly stuck it in and took my time fucking the moistest pussy i fucked back then and i didn't hurry i took my time i just wanted to make her happy well i would say i did she fucked me like it was going out of style as she came a

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