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#340759 - Mom just smiled and thanked me. Then mom said, “I think you are going to need more practice before you start fucking your sisters thought!” I looked at mom and asked, “I get to fuck my sisters too?” Mom replied, “Yes you are the man of the house now! What did you think your father did after dinner each night?” I said, “I thought he spanked them!” Mom said, “Oh he did spank them and then he fucked their cute little pussies too! He really loved to fuck Autumn, he liked her tight cunt, but he liked Brooke’s tits best!” I said, “I think Kimberly has the best body!” Mom said, “Why don’t you make her show them to you then!” I asked, “I can do that now?” Mom replied, “All four of us are yours to do with as you please! You are the man of the house after all. Soon Kimberly regained her composure, her eyes stopped rolling around in her sockets, and she said, “Oh God, that was great! Daddy never ever did that to me! I absolutely loved it! You can do anything to me

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