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#249579 - I didn’t want to leave Amy I wanted one more chance with her and she wanted one more with me I asked her if I could just slide my finger inside her before I go she unbuckled her pants and grabbed my hand and rammed it between her legs I rocked my finger back and forth a little bit making her gasp and hear the splashes of her juices before withdrawing my finger and running away before my brother saw me. LATER THAT NIGHT I sat on my bed on the phone to Amy talking about how amazing our recent fuck was but I really wanted to cum in her ass I begged her can I do it next time we meet up and she happily agreed but I wanted her to tell me how bad she wanted me to cum in her ass I made her tell me in person I begged her till she whispered in a soft mellow time “ I want you to cum in my bumb” That was enough for me to blow my load all over my hand while on the phone to her I made sure she promised me and made a time and place to do this and we decided to do it next week because she wont be

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