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#281249 - 45 Colt before carefully unzipping the tent door and peering out into the darkness! The embers from the fire still glowed brightly in the fire pit, and as she strained to see what was out there she was absolutely stunned to see young woman lying face down in the snow not more than ten feet from the tent!!! Dallas shoved the automatic into the waist band of her pants while making her way over to the unconscious visitor. She gently slapped the young woman's face, and after she opened his eyes Dallas offered, Okay, honey, take a sip of this, it'll help take the chill off! Still shaking like a leaf in a wind storm, the freezing woman took a tentative sip before asking, W-where am I? Babe, you're a long way from anywhere, Dallas replied, now take another drink and we'll talk about it in the morning, and by the way my name's Dallas! T-t-thanks, Dallas, she shuddered, I-I'm Tomi! Dallas decided to leave the light on to provide additional heat to t

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