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#317448 - I decided to go see them for some reason but when i walked into the livingroom which was facing my bedroom but when i walked in nobody was to be seen, as i started to get worried i heard noises from the kitchen which you got to from the livingroom, thinking my mum was bein hurt i ran to the kitchen door and pushed it open, only to see my mum with her legs wrapped around my cousins naked body while he banged her rigid. Hearing this she began to freak out OOOHH NOOO U CANT YOUR NOT WEARING A CONDOM OHHH GODD NOO but it was too late i came in her hard and deep, ive never cum so much i could feel it shoot deep into my mums pussy. As i shoved my dick into her from behind she moaned ohh thats so deep your hittin my spot OOHH GOODD YEESS so i began to fuck her hard and fast knowing i was close to cumming, as i fucked her as deep as i could i said OOHH mum im gonna cum.

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