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#141064 - Jess Walked out of his office after re-dressing, as she walked out of the building, everyone else had gone home, except for Timmy and Suzie, who were waiting for her by the gates, when they say jess the ran to her “Jess what happened are we gonna get in trouble” Timmy asked Drastically “no no its okay, I took care of it, Mr Boringer won’t be a problem” Jess replied, “Ewww, Did you screw him” Suzie Said Tactlessly, “ Ha-ha, no I just sucked him off, His Cock was Tiny” Jess Said Bursting with laughter, They All laughed as the walked to the end of the road, “oh sis, Suzie is coming home with us today, is that okay” Timmy asked, “of course it is Timmy, your parents know your not gonna be home right Suzie ?” jess asked, “yeah its all okay, my parents don’t care anyways” Suzie replied as she pulled out a cigarette and lit it … To Be Continued … Please keep in mind that This Is a work in Progress.

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