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#25368 - !!! Maybe that tree is just like that apple after all? So in the car goes Big Boy and sitting in the backseat acting he was a damn human and panting heavy as he always did and glad the ride was about to begin. At that point there was no foreplay like a human male would most likely do it was his pure animalistic instinct that made him close his head in closer and closer and seeking out that scent of arousal and it's source!! As she lay there shuddering with fearful desire and need and then; BAM!! He snaked his long overly thick tongue out and licked right from her ass to over her clit; then and there as she shot her ass up and cried out: OOOOhhhhhh MMMyyyyyyyy GGGddddddd! And as his huge tongue rectracted from its target her clit was now hard as a rock and glistening from his tongues wetness, as was her now quivering cunt lips! Then the pause was over as he once again lashed his huge tongue right back out and over her entire cuntal mound

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