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#47280 - feel wanted for the right reasons not only to be another peice of ass I said I've never seen you as a sex object I see you as a women that needs to feel wanted to be loved to be held and I wanna be that guy to do that I do Iv spilled my guts to you you haven't run and I wanna know will you go out with me. to as we started walking she said what you said earlier made Me. stops she turns to me and said there's not a doubt in my mind that says no after that I embraced her in the way only newleyweds do and kissed her passoninantly we sat there in what seemed like ever never did anything seem so right she told me that she's never felt so wanted so embraced so gently held by no.

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Lize helesta
What is that stuff looks good i think a long hose might help
Ash ketchum
Congratulations on number 100 i hope to see one of my clips on here one day