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#107633 - Stripping in front of a strange woman had caused him to harden and the outline of his growing erection could clearly be seen under his jockeys. I know it's hard to decide on such a short notice, she said, what do you say we let you meet one of our clients in a neutral setting so you can get a feel for her as a person, believe me, that makes a big difference in your ability to perform! Erica and Ben walked through a campus like setting to the workout room and pool area where maybe thirty women doing a variety of different exercises designed to shed the unwanted pounds. Well, Ben, said Erica Wilkins, this is a job that requires the utmost in discretion as well as, shall we say stamina! As you were told, this job pays rather well, up to two to three hundred dollars a day, now believe me when I tell you that you will earn every penny of it and sometimes feel underpaid! Ben listened to what Miss Wilkins was saying, but wondered what in the world he could possibly do to

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