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#230169 - PROLGUE from part one: Quincy Davis has been in a ton of trouble ever since her father passed away, and to make a long story short, her mother, Joan Davis, has decided to commit her daughter to the Norhtern States School for Wayward Girls!!! The school adminsitrator, a Harriett Taggert, has taken both Joan and her daughter into a back room where Quincy was tied down on a doctor's examining table where upon Harriett Taggert slipped a minature remote control vibrator inside of her cunt!!! This, however, is only the half of it, because Harriett Taggert then attached a gold clit ring to the poor girls clitoris and much to her dismay, soldered it permanently in place!!! The ring also contained a micro chip that can be activated from another remote that almost instanteously inducing vicious orgasms to its subject!!! Finally, and most importantly, the last device Harriett Taggert forced Quincy to wear was a chastity belt that was locked over the genitals, making sexual fulfillment imposs

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