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#354335 - All day long I kept thinking about it and to tell the truth the thought of that dog made me horny! my friends at work noticed that I was preoccupied and asked if anything was wrong , I just told them I had something on my mind that I couldn't talk about. I was so horny I just dropped to my knees and waited for him to mount me. I lay there thinking and recovering for a while and then the dog got up and came back over and started sniffing and licking me his tongue on my Pussy felt wonderful and it wasn't long before I was feeling horny again I couldn't believe this I was going crazy! Soon I was back up on my hands and knees and just let him lick!! it was great, he kept at it for a few minutes and then I felt him on my back again he was mounting me again this was completely unbelievable here he had given me the fuck of my life and was ready to go again! I wasn't sure if I was ready for it again I was sore and swollen but he wasn't taking no for an answer

Read Sexy まじかるおなほで両想い!?雄淫紋で♂堕ちラブラブわからセックス - Disney twisted wonderland Bangbros まじかるおなほで両想い!?雄淫紋で♂堕ちラブラブわからセックス

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Sawa okita
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