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#419139 - my friend who is black has an older sister. i had the house to myself fully stocked with junkfood i decided to invite a friend over a girl friend not one i was dating but a girl who was a friend of course we had experimented with sex before she had a nice body i couldnt resist it but it wasn't sex sex sex with us we are good friends watched movies made popcorn your usual cheesy friday night stuff. so i let her stay we watched movies she went out that night and came home drunk which i wasn't suprised i went to bed early that night having stayed up late the previous night and she came in i gave her the key she asked me where i could sleep well there was lots of options i had a bunkbed for when a friend wants to stay over the couch or my parents room she didn't want my parents room or the couch so she slept on top bunk i lay asleep waking up a few hours later realizing she was next to mewith her leg over me i liked this and didn't like it at the same time beca

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Nagahide niwa
Bear looks like such a douchebag
Ken masters
Great thanks
Tome kurata
Name of this bitch
Tsumugi kotobuki
Why a banana if the dick is right there