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#212772 - Connie thought about it for a second and replied, Ya know Mil, I'm feeling a little blue this morning, so what I'd really like to do is go for a quick shave if that's all right with you!?! Millie laughed and answered quickly, Fine by me, let's go! The two women entered the salon and went directly to the hostess who was busy taking reservations. Okay, hon said Jane, lift your but?t! Connie lifted her ass off the chair and Jane reached under her dress and tugged off her panty hose and panties in one quick motion while she looked over at Millie, who also was having her under things removed by Erica! Both women then hiked their skirts up around their waists exposing their vaginas to watchful eyes of the two barbers, Jane and Erica. Do you think you could get two of us in for quick shaves, asked Connie hopefully? Do you have a reservation, asked the hostess? No, Connie shot back quickly, we hoped you could slip us in, it's really important! Let me

Read Virginity Aoi kokoro no Harakashi Io - Granblue fantasy Rabo Aoi kokoro no Harakashi Io

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