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#230423 - I went on with my schoolwork on the computer till I felt something brush against my ankle I looked down to see Rose playing footsies with me I didn’t think much of it I just thought it would be a harmless little game so I continued on to pay footsies with her till her hand reached and slid across my inner thigh sending a shudder down my spine I tried not to look at her I went back to my school work like normal then again her hand grasped my inner thigh getting closer to my cock I held my head down looking at the position of her hand our eyes shifted in each others direction I could sense the sexual tension in her eyes as she looked at me her eyes fixating at me while smacking her lips sensually all of these actions in a brief few seconds. It was getting close till my parents were coming home I had to get rid of Rose but at the same time really needed to cum.

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Paula mccoy
Me pone duro verlas caer se ven deliciosas
Natsuki shinomiya
Wish i could get dicked down like this so jealous