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#217259 - Ali was already on number 3 when people started coming around and she cooled down a little then started up again it was about 12am when everyone was around that loud drunkin state we were just playin card when one of the guys said how about some truth or dare guys. and took against the wall on my bed i grabed a pair of shorts and headed to the bathroom to change she stoped me and said it was ok if i changed in there so i droped my jeans and put a pair of shorts on and lay next to her givin her room we started the movie she cryed i guess it was one of the those crying chick flicks i dont know but i asked her if she was tired she said yea so i turned the tv off and lite next to the bed and told her good nite. i let her still rub and rub then she stoped and i touched her side and she jumped up and asked me if everything was ok i told her yea and she kinda winked and said ok and layed back down now i was totally confused was the wink a bad or good thing? did she think i was fealing up

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