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#24540 - He had never been big for his age and at times he had been subjected to a bit of bullying but he had handled it and got on with life and hadn't let it worry him to much, but one thing did worry him and it worried him alot. Stacy, Brians mom, was 36, she had had Brian quite young and her ex husband only managed to hang around for a couple of years, after that she had pretty much been on her own, she had had a couple of casual relationships but she found them too hard, she was trying to raise a son and manange her career at the same time, this didn't really allow much time for anything else and anyway she hadn't really missed the company of men, most of the men she had known had turned out to be real assholes anyway. Stacy listened, she heard her son telling her that he was jerking off three times a day and that he jerked into her panties, and how he was sorry and how he was so worried that he did it too much and she felt funny.

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Tuxedo mask
Love her smile