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#168688 - “Your not my mother! Your not! And you'll never be my mother! Never!” I replied. “I don't know I just think some things change” I whispered. “Every time I see you not only do I see you as a mom but as a woman… and I love you as a mom but I also love you… and I was just wondering… “ I replied “Wondering what hun” she replied “If our relationship can be more than, mother and son… if it can be just more than casual sex…” I replied “So you want me as a mom and girlfriend…” she replied “Well yes sort of… I want you all to myself “ I replied “How about this, every night your father is not here, we have our relationship, and let time see OK” she replied.

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Slide down baby anytime
Yui hirasawa
Bro why ist this so good lololol