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#35821 - J's dress is a mess, her tits were showing a lot, her dress has slipped down about 4 or 5 inches cause of the top hooks being loosened and this of course brings the whole top lower, the thin straps are down on her arms hanging near her elbows also, the narrow part of her top what ever you call the triangle part over her tits is just above her nipples now and this leaves the side of her tits hanging out also. I was not liking this much but that hand on my dick where did it come from? Then J got up and sat next to me! She smiled really big and grabbed my crouch, she got a funny look on her when she found another hand on me. So I put on my slacks and shirt to go with the classy lady I brought to the party.

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Precis newman
Have you seen spongebob im here to kick his butt