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#83749 - The music changed into a fast beat, Maria started to dance throwing her arms into the air, her dress was pulled even higher, the cheeks of her arse could be seen, the group of guys were really enjoying the sight. They chatted for five minutes or so, then Maria came back with the drinks, she was flushed with excitement, she couldn’t wait to tell us that she had been ask to dance by a couple of guys and did we mind if she did. Maria and Pavel came back, Pavel said he had to go to the bathroom, when he had left I told Maria that she had a group of fans, she became excited and asked me who, I told her to look over my shoulder, and described one of them to her, she said how did I know they were fans, I said I just did, I told her that when Pavel came back I would say that I wanted a drink and she was to go and get it, I guaranteed that at least one or two of the group would go to the bar and chat her up, she became more excited and asked me what she should do if they did, I said she h

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Wow shes amazing
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The most beautiful redheaded mature in the world