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#42817 - let me get you a drink she said,come & sit down here with us said Susanyou look cold,why have you got that wet towel round you?. ,i asked Glenda why Susan had clothes & underwear in a wardrobe here,Glenda told me that since her divorce & Susan looking sfter her mother that they'd been enjoying each others company,bloody hell i repliedare you embarressed & shocked by that? she askedyou know how sexy Susan is,who could resist, i told her i was more embarressed by being sat in a womans robe & pants,would it help if we were just in our underwear as well? Susan asked maybe,i don't know really,tonight has been an eye-opener for me i replied. so you've said before Susan,no wonder she looks so happy these days when she's seen you & had sex said Glenda.

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