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#230883 - Hanna could feel her lips bulging even as she wiped the sleep from her tired eyes. What they first saw when they got inside was Hanna sitting on the front edge of her desk with her legs spread wide apart and her panties off! Her pussy lips, shaved silky smooth, were full and in an obvious state of sexual excitement! Moisture glistened along the length of her crack, and the head of her erect clit could be seen poking it's head through the folds of her cunt lips. Stopping at Steve's desk Brenda said, The big boss wants us in her office pronto, I bet you can guess what she wants, she smirked slyly! Steve hopped to his feet and announced grandly, Well let's not keep her majesty waiting, after you madam, he said while bowing stiffly at the waist! Brenda gave a sharp knock on the big wooden door and entered with Steven when Hanna called out.

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