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#147387 - Silvia led me to the bedroom we lay on the bed kissing then she got onto her back spread her legs and told me to put my cock into her wet juicy pussy, her hole was so warm and wet l thought my cock would melt. A few moments later Silvia was leading Neal into the bedroom she sat on the bed pulled down his shorts and pants to start sucking his cock then she stopped to ask him what l did with his sister, next Silvia stripped naked and lay on the bed her legs open and asked Neal if he would like to put his cock into her hole like l did with Kylie and of course he jumped at the offer, l was ordered to help him get his cock into Silvia’s pussy, he didn’t fuck her for long, but Silvia was moaning and sighing telling Neal he had a lovely cock that filled her whole pussy and she had never been filled with so much spunk which was of course all for my benefit then l was told to suck his cock clean and once that was done l had to lick Silvia’s dripping pussy clean. Neal was the first to lose his

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