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#4899 - for example he told me he had a girlfreind in his street in london which i didn't doubt but i disbelived any girls would do half the things that he said they had done with him)OK ENOUGHi said puting a little force behing my wordsi really dont care what these girls did with you okay You're just jealous because you're in love with a girl whos way out of your league!!this was said very loudly and most of the dining hall turned to look at me i felt there eyes burn into the back of my head and said loudlyYour right your mums way too good for melaughter rippled out and people turned back to their food. a groan eminated from the crowd and we knew annother tall tale was heading our way. so i quickly pulled away from the hug and said goodbye for the second time and heard her murmer a reply to me.

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Kaoru ryuzaki
That was definitely legendary head
Amazing more like tihs please so sexy