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#23736 - My body…my cunt…still ached for Brett but we had our vow…damn! A few weeks after the party, Bret and I went on a double date and drove to the beach. The fact of the falls in this remote place, the sounds of the waters, their cleansing nature…A religious experience. ) but I was alone in our kitchen, knees up, towel slipping to my waist, my privates, radiant from the bath, and there for the world to see but I was alone and private, pretty much alone, legs apart to better reach my feet, my toes closed together, the lips of my slit closed but my crotch open so I could get at my feet, doggie ready for head-patting, hand licking, me thinking of my date at the dance that night, totally clean from my bath, but thinking of what date and I would be doing and feeling in dark corners of the dance hall and afterward when he would play with me and I would “dance” my body on his hand, how his fingers would surely get me hot and make me cum as he fingered my kooz, that he would whisper in my ear and

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Three very hot bodies morning sex is awesome you guys are amazing
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