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#377836 - I said, I had lot of rubber’s because I was in college, so I told her that I always had rubbers in the house for all the college girls that come over to study with me, which was a lie because as for me the only guy in college that isn’t getting any I was just studying and I bought the rubber’s just for show. Sylvia was a smoker, which means that she had to go outside just so the house wouldn’t smell like smoke, and I of course walked outside with her just to keep talking to her and it was fun until we started to walk down and around the small sidewalk around the house and she said that she hasn’t known any man that was as sweet and caring as I was, so in that moment we both stopped and looked into each other’s eyes and somehow the next second later we were kissing. She laid right next to me and started to kiss from my lips on my neck and from there all I could say was “damn that was great”; I looked over to her sleeping on my side with my arm around her.

Read Office Sex ご主人様 何か御用ですか? - Original Blackmail ご主人様 何か御用ですか?

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