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#266557 - Waking in the morning, after a hard week at work, her recent split with her partner still heavy in her mind, Sara looked at the empty space beside her, stretching her naked body, and slowly climbing out of bed, she gazed out the window at the beautiful sunshine, so lonely ,so horny and so sad , Making her way through the empty house, she pondered her absent lover, wishing she could have one more chance to win her back, wishing she wasn't so submissive, but i can't help myself said to herself. The day was so nice, it was all the excuse she needed to pack up a beach towel and her bag, damn i am going to lounge on the beach she thought, being a frequent visitor to the local nudist beach, she knew it would be quiet and secluded, so slipping a loose fitting button down dress over her naked body, she drove the 40 minutes to the beach, parking and casually making her way to the small cafe at the normal beach end, quietly sitting and sipping her coffee, reading her novel, she noticed a wo

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