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#210855 - ” Carry said Jack did as he was told, carry then came and tied a blindfold around his head. Jack lay there. You will do whatever I say, if you disobey, you will get punished” Punished? How? Said jack Carry quickly grabbed jacks nipple though his shirt and twisted it fast and hard, jack let out a terrible cry “Next rule is you will not speak, if I speak to you, the only word I want to hear is yes mistress, do you understand?” “But wait, shouldn’t we discu-“ Jack was cut short as carry pushed him onto his back, knees on his arms, sitting on his chest, she grabbed his balls and squeezed them in her hands.

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Hajime ichinose
Baby you are so sexy can you take all 13 inches of my dick
Bitch kinda cultured okay
Thank you
Ritsu sakuma
He looks the joker from the back like ew wtf
Kotone amamiya
Happy new years bro
Mokuba kaiba
Damn she is sexy as fuck something about that hair turns me on