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#118987 - As they entered the stable where the stable boys should of been working they were nowhere to be seen, they went from stall to stall, many were clean but some still had the old used straw and hay that had yet to be cleared and replaced, Viktoria begins to increase her pace as she looks for the stable boys calling their names but getting no answer, she was getting more and more frustrated and annoyed at the boys absence, to distract her self from her anger she begins telling Mimi about her last encounter with the stable boys well. Viktoria demanded to know what was going on and why the boys weren't working, when none could give her an answer that was a good enough reason she had them turn and lean against the pen wall, she went over to an equipment chest and pulled out four sets of riding cuffs and handed two sets to Mimi, put them around Dane and Eric's wrists and over the hooks on the wall, I'll do the same with Naith and Titas Mimi nodded and did as she was told, s

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