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#402127 - Rachel is 4 years older then me. The one with the blond hair turns around and says to me I saw you stand up to Reed that was cool I blush a bit Aww She giggles Sorry it's not every day that I get complemented by a Goddess Now she blushes Sweet talker aye A bit and I would like to sweet talk you more at dinner and a movie Aww okay but wait I can't unless my friend here has a date two we do everything together No problem I have a friend named Cam O okay then So Friday? Friday it is O by the way my name is Jordan and my friend's name is Naomi want our numbers Yeah sure and here's mine and I'll text Cam's number to you After that was over The bell finally rings (Don't you all just love that feeling when the first class of the day is over) and I look and I have gym next I see Cam at his locker Hey man Hey Dude guess what What I just got us a date with two hotties on Friday Nice man Just give me ur C

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Wait this isn t the travis scott song
Vivi nefertari
Name of the young blonde
Kei tsukishima
Such a hot hentai i know my gf is more willing after a drink
Kaito kirishima
Michiru kaioh
I love creampies by the way