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#319638 - I wrapped my hand around it stroking him, when Jackson put his mouth on my wet cunt and licked it from bottom to top, I let out a loud moan, and said yes eat my cunt now. I pulled Nate’s cock out of my mouth and said, someone please fuck me !!, Jackson and Nate pulled me up from the chair and dragged me in the house, I tried to pull away from them but they held on to me I told them I had to pee, so they f***ed me into the bathtub and told me to pee as they watched, I let out a long stream of pee as they watched me, Jackson stood up and pointed his cock at my tits and started to pee on me, when he was done, he told me to wash myself he said, ‘’ we don’t want no fat assed white German cunt who smells like piss’’ I washed my pussy and tits as the ordered me to do, Nate told me to wash my ass hole real good when I was done they told me to bend over and spread my ass cheeks so they could see that my fat white ass hole was clean. That I swallowed down.

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