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#397817 - Their first child, Lily-Fiona Granger-Potter – affectionately called “Hyphen” – was born a little more than nine months and one week after Hermione told him she was pregnant that fateful day. “It looks like they’re going to have to add another wing to the castle just to house the ever-growing student body,” commented Hermione as the couple pushed through the throng of students. As for Harry and Hermione, they too were able to live just as comfortably thanks to their shares of book sales and found things to do in their spare time: Harry was content to be what Muggles called a “Stay-at-Home-Dad” while Hermione, who did more than her fair share in raising their children, spent some of her free time trying to live up to her title of the “Chosen One” by striving to give House-Elves equal rights.

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