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#403141 - When Ted got to the fence and heard the load moan he knew right away it was Jenna looking over the fence confirmed it when he saw Steve pounding away into her, So she decided to come to you? Ted asked as he moved away from the fence and over to Steve's yard and moved close to his daughter, Are you sure you want this sweety? Ted asked his daughter looking into her eye's as she was moaning and cuming all over Steve’s cock, Oh yes daddy, Im sure she managed to say as her head hit the table and her eye's closed as a powerful orgasm hit her and she thrust herself back onto Steve’s cock as he thrust hard and shoot his cum into her. Ted and his family watched Steve carve Jessica and place the meat onto plates, Once she is all carved up into meat slices it looks just like cooked pork Ted thought to himself and despite his slight disgust over where the meat had come from and found himself wondering if it tasted as good as it looked, Ted took a look around when he came

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