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#56431 - i about jumped when she grabbed me while i was driving and when she started to rub and grip i wanted to take her right there i wanted to play to so i reached over and grabbed her i heard a sharp hiss and moan and felt her hump into my hand i just smiled knowing i could cause so much pleasure by one single move She kept asking me to fuck her and it was driving my crazy that i was driving and i couldn't so i took my hand and went inside her panties and claimed that wonderful mound for my own She started to shake as i turned onto a backroad. fucking her till herr mind can only process four words, fuck, daddy, and don't stop then I'd slow down much to her disagreement She'd whine and try to make me go faster but i'd take it slow sometimes going in as hard and fast as i can only to pull out slowly and fill her again playing with her pleasure making her want it, need it and i would give it to her go fast and hard for a while and then back to slow and sens

Read Vaginal Shokushu to LOVE-Ru - To love ru Couch Shokushu to LOVE-Ru

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