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#329710 - She stood giggling; slipping on some pink trainer socks and heading down the stairs, where Lynette was ringing the bell furiously. As she ran through these various memories her nipples hardened, begging for attention, Gabby was still in her towel as she skipped up the stairs, into her room and reached into her draw to retrieve her new toy, as she leaped onto the bed she stared at the Vibronitor for a while, it’s pink, shiny, jelly texture feeling good in the soft cushiony palm of her hands, as she stared at it she told herself using it so frequently would cause it to become boring quickly, and sex would begin to bore her too… and she didn’t want that at all. She moaned as Tom’s hands explored her body, being pushed backwards to stand on the floor, as Tom clasped the handcuffs onto one of Lynette’s wrists, whilst unbuttoning her jeans, Lynette watching him all the while.

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