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#145047 - No matter how many outside trysts Gary had, he always came back to Frank's open arms, and hard erection! Frank had a beautiful cock, and it seemed to always be in a state of constant arousal, a fact that made Gary feel very submissive around this magnificent organ! It was long and thick, about eight inches by six inches, with a large round head that was velvety smooth to the touch, and taste! Frank pulled his mouth away and asked softly, Want some of this, baby, daddy wants to feed his baby his bottle! Gary kissed his lover one more time and whispered back, Mmmmmm, yes, let me have some of your milk, daddy! Frank stood in the middle of the room with his gigantic hardon and Gary on his knees quietly sucking it like a baby does a fresh bottle. When it finally came to rest, Gary was stretched to the limit of his ability to take it, and he tried desperately to relax his muscles but the toy was just too big and fat to allow it. Driving away from the parking lot a familiar need

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