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#161003 - “James this!” my cousin said . My cousin friend and my cousin look I identical but their hair colour is more brown than my cousin. I fucked hard befor I cum I told cousin to stop and stand on the bed I took my dick out his friend streach ass and told clean dick his while suck off my cosin he came instently and tasted divine which me of like a volcano in friend moth that made him sawwlow which seem to like “next do this let me know” I smiled left the room with cousin cum in my mouth as I swalled it Please excuses my English any ideas ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Takamaru ogasawara
I m so fucking confused if the mom and her are step mom to step daughter then why would the younger girl actually fuck her real brother but if that s her step brother why would her real mom make out with her then rub her puss
B. jenet
Oh yes daddy