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#183134 - I threw my umbrella away on a porch and walked inside a house that was realy warm and dark. I was a 14 year old kid who didn't have a lot of friends, but the friends that i had were always there for me to support me and help me when ever i needed help. It was a rainy day and not a lot of people were walking around, it was very cold and weendy, i had no car so i decided to grab an umbrella and run toward her house because it was about 4 blocks away.

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Nissa revane
They are tho and i m doing the same thing
Cammy white
So why not eh
I love the bangs
Mitsuhide akechi
Are you a homosexual by any chance
Ran yakumo
I am drooling watching you
Kaguya luna
Wish someone would do that to my ass norcal here