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#385940 - So it must have been around 6:00, soon after I arrived, when from the corner of my eye I noticed a short and thin figure slowly descending down the staircase. Within an hour of heavy drinking we all watched as Britney became more and more bubbly from all the alcohol and before long she began to wrap her arms around each of our shoulders asking if we wanted to make out with her. Like any other guy never did I ever expect I would ever find myself in this kind of situation, because most girls (especially married ones) cringe at the thought of having sex with more than one partner at a time? Obviously I was at the right place at the right time and though I admit that gang-banging my friend's cock-crazed wife was by far the best damn experience of my life, I still haven't forgiven myself for doing what we did behind his back.

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Nanami kiryuu
Cute funny and unfathomably hot all in one tight little package
Dianna soreil
Shut up simp